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Darren Smith

The Disco Dork is Voltron if Voltron’s left arm was Godzilla, his right arm Mad Max: Fury Road, his left leg was Bruce Lee, his right leg was Optimus Prime, and his torso was his beloved daughter Sia. So yeah, pretty much as bad-ass. Also, a lover of electronics & tech, anime, and defender of the universe.


Lisa Gullickson

Lisa Gullickson is the cool kid in The Dork Cave, and she suffers no fools or tempered hot takes. If you’re gonna bring it, you better bring it. When she’s not up to her plots and schemes, Lisa is somewhere on her journey through a Gilmore Girls rewatch (nine and counting) or deconstructing the science behind the Great British Bake Off. Feel free to stalk her over at her other podcast, Comic Book Couples Counseling, and read her writing over at The After Movie Diner, TrekNews.Net, and Film School Rejects.

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Brad Gullickson

Brad Gullickson can’t shut up. He loves the sound of his own voice, and for some reason, the other dorks of In The Mouth Of Dorkness find it charming. Apparently, a few listeners do as well. Thank goodness, because Brad Gullickson can’t shut up. When he’s not flapping his gums, he’s clacking away at his laptop and screaming his opinions into the void of the internet. If you’re not already sick of him, you can also spot him writing daily at Film School Rejects and rambling on and on and on over at Rest In Pictures as well as the Comic Book Couples Counseling Podcast. If you are sick of him, we’re sorry, but he is not.


Bryan Young

My love of video and film production started at an early age with the wonderment of cinema.  As a child, my purest joy was to go to the theater and sit in that darkened auditorium and be transported to other worlds and stories that would let my imagination run free.  I grew to have an affinity for Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, hence my "Dork" moniker.  Those characters resonated with me because of their themes of family, brotherhood, teamwork, loyalty, and friendship. As a graduate from The Art Institute of Washington with my degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, I continue to work independently and as a freelancer in the video production industry doing what I love which gives me the opportunity to be creative and to use that creativity to tell other peoples stories.  


Billy Dass

The Indie Dork, William Dass currently lives on the East Coast, where he is very proud of wife, three daughters, and projector. You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Letterboxd @WBDass. You can also find him at Bill & Claire's Excellent Adventures, a podcast he co-hosts with his 10 year old daughter as they work together to expand her cinematic horizons. Follow that podcast on Twitter @BaCEAPodcast.

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